Case Study:

YMCA Crewe – Mark Hills

Project Challenge

Project Features:

  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Reflection

Project Background

Taking over a new organisation can be challenging not only professionally but personally. There are many different areas of a business that may require attention, finances, staff, volunteers, and for one person, this may be overwhelming. During new situations, a person can also begin to question their own abilities “am i capable of doing this job?” “what if the staff do not like me?” all of these questions, can affect a person’s ability to effectively do their job.

Mark had recently become Chief Executive Officer at Crewe YMCA and undertook some coaching sessions in order to understand his current work environment and also to reflect upon how Mark’s own thought processes may positively or negatively impact his current work situation.

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Project Solution

CoachingWorx provided a qualified coach who worked with Mark using coaching techniques and questions to enable Mark to reflect and work through some challenges that he was facing as a CEO in the third sector. The coaching Mark received, led him to begin to introduce the coaching techniques and questions into his work organisations to improve team relations.

Project Impact

“The coaching I received inspired me to learn more about coaching practice so I enrolled onto Fluent’s Get Coaching and coaching diploma so that i could use these techniques in my role as a charity CEO.” – Mark Hills

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If you are not sure whether coaching is for you or you would just like to find out more, we offer a free introductory coaching session. This session is facilitated by a qualified experienced coach and will enable you to explore what coaching is.

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