As an associate with Spacious Coaching, CoachingWorx aims to help you develop yourself, your team or your whole organisation.

 We don’t tell you what to do, we help you figure it for yourself, by creating space for you to find your own answers and way forward

We help people thrive from inside to out by empowering individuals, teams and organisations to grow themselves in their own way, which means we’ll help you find your own way of becoming free-flowing in everything you do.

Our Core Principles

People only really grow from the inside out

Real growth and change only happen when people are transformed from the inside because when the inside changes the outside looks after itself.

People have their own answers

People know! If given the right environment and the right person to work with, people can and will find their own answers.

If people grow, organisations grow

If organisations want to grow, then they must start by growing their people. Great people are at the heart of every great organisation.

We work with People and Businesses


We provide quality, down-to-earth executive, personal and educational coaching.

Executive Coaching

One2one coaching will empower you to develop yourself, your team or your whole organisation.

Educational Coaching

One2one coaching empowers staff and leadership to improve their performance, motivation and well-being and in doing so, changes and develops whole school cultures.

Personal Coaching

We offer personal coaching for a whole host of people. Coaching can take place either face to face or through Skype and because we want to make coaching accessible we offer it at a special personal rate.


£50 / session

  • Day rates for multiple employees in the same business are available on request


We have a range of mind-blowing accredited coach training courses from introduction through to diploma.

Get Coaching Workshop

Delivered locally in your business, this one day course enables you to create more effective 121’s with your team or clients.

Professional Coaching Diploma

Allowing you to practice as a professional coach, this diploma takes an in depth look at the ‘BRIGHT’ model of coaching and its theoretical foundations. Using discussion, group exercises, self study and live coaching practice, this diploma will prepare you to coach those around you.

Coaching Leadership Diploma

We have range of mind-blowing bespoke leadership and coaching training that we deliver to businesses and organisations. Each of these programmes is designed to inspire, challenge and stretch people to grow themselves.

On this page you will find a sample of the Coaching Diplomas, we offer. Ranging from one-day sessions to 4-day programmes. This gives you the option to pick-and-mix from these to create exactly what you need for your team. If you are wanting something different from what you see here, then get in touch and we’ll design something around your specific needs. All our training is highly interactive and designed to engage, so you won’t find an ounce of PowerPoint or role-play within them.

First Coaching Session Free

If you are not sure whether coaching is for you or you would just like to find out more, we offer a free introductory coaching session. This session is facilitated by a qualified, experienced coach and will enable you to explore what coaching is.

Book your free coaching session