What is FundingWorx?

After 20 years of working in the Voluntary Sector, FundingWorx was established following experiences as volunteer, front line worker, fundraiser, CEO and Trustee of charities, where external grant writers promised much but were able to deliver very little return for the investment made.

Charities operate on finite budgets and have a responsibility to make sure every penny is put to effective use whilst also ensuring that they are sustainable in the longer term.

For many charities the use of external bid writers is deemed as a necessary use of resources however too often in the time taken to explain the organisation and its projects to an external bid writer, a submission by those working in the charity could have already been made; and yet in FundingWorx experience as grant assessors we have also realised that sometimes those within the charity can struggle to articulate their projects effectively as very often they cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’.

It is this fine balance which is at the heart of FundingWorx, providing a cost effective solution which provides a return on your investment whilst working in close partnership with your team to ensure that what is written provides a clear, first hand explanation of the work you undertake in a manner that is clear to grant assessors.

It is our aim at FundingWorx to provide you with everything you need in order to submit grant applications in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Grant Writing

How Funding Works?

FundingWorx is a 3-tier process.

Tier 1 is the information gathering stage, which enables our experts to work with you, to identify the need you have identified, the activity which will meet this need and the outcomes of the activity which meet the need. At the end of this tier, your charity will be in possession of an organisational brief, detailing all the elements of your charity which funders require and project briefs, all ready for submission once the right funders are identified.

In Tier 2, our experts will use their ever-growing database to link your project with the potential funders.

Tier 3 With Project Briefs on the shelf and a list of potential funders, you now have all you need to begin submitting applications. We don’t want you dependant upon FundingWorx to submit these – you are the expert in you - however we are available to provide additional capacity when your time is short or to cast an external eye across applications before submission.

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The Funding Pathway

Gateway Evaluation Points

At each stage along the pathway we want you to feel free to evaluate the journey so far.  It might mean that you choose to continue, to pause work or even feel you have everything you need.  We understand that each charity works in different ways, has varied priorities but also limited resources.  FundingWorx Pathway will fit into your journey, however short or long that may be.

Each Tier described above is unique in and of itself but also works together as a full grant funding solution.  You can ask us to join us on your journey for one section or all three, to write up briefs for multiple projects, or just focus on one.

Each Gateway provides you with an opportunity to pause and decide on your next steps.

Ultimately, this has to work for you and your charity… you are after all, the expert in you!

Funding Pathway

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