Case Study:

YMCA @ Greenbelt

Project Challenge

Project Features:

  • Skill Identification
  • Resource Co-ordination
  • Project Support

Project Background

In 2016 Greenbelt commissioned YMCA in the UK to deliver the youth programme and operate the showers at the summer festival for a three year period.

After two years of learning and developing the programme, Greenbelt required more from YMCA in terms of youth-led programming, if the relationship were to continue beyond the initial 3 year period. A change of approach was required in order to achieve a different outcome.

Project Website

Project Solution

Working with and coordinating teams from ten YMCA’s across England and Scotland, LeadershipWorx identified local expertise and leaders from within YMCA’s who could use their day to day experience of youth work as a foundational base to meet the requirements of the festival.

By connecting and co-ordinating the resources from a broad base of YMCA’s and empowering individual YMCA’s to take the lead and responsibility for specific and smaller aspects of the work at Greenbelt we were able to successfully recruit 90 volunteers, all of whom joined one of 5 teams in order to fulfil the requirements of Greenbelt and Young People at the festival.

Project Impact

The team provided and ran facilities for 7,000 campers and the youth programme was delivered in partnership with young people at the festival providing programmed activities for 300 young people per day.

Feedback from young people was so positive that the festival directors requested that YMCA continue to deliver the programme beyond the initial 3 year term.

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