What Is LeadershipWorx?

The delivery of start up or time limited projects are a key element of all organisations. But these can take a great deal of time and effort, which may draw away from existing commitments and roles.

LeadershipWorx aims to provide you with the opportunity to deliver such projects, whilst maintaining your ongoing work. LeadershipWorx acts like a scaffold, allowing us to build in partnership using the resources talents and ability already existing in your organisation and then pulling away once the project is stable, complete and ready to stand alone.

We seek to provide project ‘leadership’ which places you and your team at the heart of development, so that collectively we can achieve your aims and objectives.

Understanding Your Aims

This is your project and whilst we might have ideas on how we might collectively achieve your goals, at LeadershipWorx, we believe that you are the expert in you.

We want to hear your hopes and dreams, understand the whys and the hows, the history of your project, how it came to be and where it is going next.

We want to listen, ask questions and for a time, become part of your team - ultimately joining you in your excitement to achieve our objective, together.


Understanding Your Resources

A project is only ever as extensive as its resources will allow. Dreams and hopes often have to be tailored to fit the resources available, so it is important to understand the constraints we have to work within.

Whilst other sources of funds might be available (our sister company FundingWorx might be able to help,) at some point the decision to get going has to be made with what is available.

We also recognise that the point at which you bring in someone to lead a project will not be the first time you have thought about this project… so we are not about to change everything. Whilst we might have some ideas, your team are your most valuable resource and will have been working hard up until this point to bring the project to where it is.

If time allows, we want to get to know your team… each individual has assets and strengths. By playing to those strengths, we can lead the team, allowing them to focus on tasks which they thrive at undertaking.

Together we will set a clear direction of travel and the milestones we need to reach, which will help us to all pull in the same direction using our resources wisely and efficiently.

Project Resources

Working together to deliver the outcome

With a clear understanding in our minds and tasks appointed appropriately amongst our team of on the ground experts, it's time to drive toward delivery of the outcome.  

Be it an event, a project launch, or important task within ongoing work, LeadershipWorx will seek to bring the best out of the team in order to achieve your goals.

It's time to get on that scaffold… work together…from the hidden and the smallest to the most obvious tasks… let's get this project launched!

Project Launch

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