Case Study:

Ghetto Park

Project Challenge

Project Features:

  • Organisation Brief
  • Grant Matching
  • Support

Project Background

The Indoor Skate Park – Ghetto park in the heart of Grimsby’s East Marsh, was set up to provide a safe space for young people to skate, scooter and BMX on ramps designed and built by the community for the community.

Operating in a disused warehouse the park has grown in popularity with over 1000 young people accessing the park each month. This CIO set up the park in order to provide a safe space for children and young people to skate but also to provide the community which it serves with positive activities for young people in a severely deprived part of England.

As a CIO the Income from entry to the park is used to cover the costs of the facility but in order to make the park accessible the fees are kept to a minimum and as such three was a need to access grant funding in order to ensure that the Ghetto Park could continue to operate effectively.

Project Website

Project Solution

Working with Pam and Wayne, FundingWorx developed an Organisational Brief outlining the Values, Aims and Mission of Ghetto Park and understanding the need which they had identified sought to articulate this in a format which would be understood by trust and grant assessors. We identified trusts and grant making organisations ideally suited to Ghetto park’s aspirations and provided everything GhettoPark needed to sustain their grant fundraising.

Project Impact

Following tier 1 and 2 support from FundingWorx, GhettoPark secured £18,000 of funding. This has allowed them to set up a toddler and family area for the skate park, and provided the foundation to establish their CIC (Community Interest Company).

We received funding from two of the six trusts we applied to, as well as Home Office funding which is paying for lots of equipment in the park. Thanks to FundingWorx for helping us to kick start this CIC”

(Pam, GhettoPark Director)

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