Adolescence can often be a confusing time for young people. As well as the physical changes, young people also experience emotional and social changes. Trying to work out how they fit in the world, coupled with who they are becoming as individuals, can result in young people feeling unable to cope with everyday life, which can lead to anxiety and feelings of isolation. This is where counselling can help.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding counselling, it is often viewed as a place that people go when they feel they are losing their mind or have suffered a life changing event such as death or trauma. Counselling is able to support in these situations, but is also about providing a safe space for a young person to go when they have a lot going on in their minds/lives and need some time to make sense of it. We all face tough situations every day and normally we manage just fine, however there are times when life can get too much and our mind and body tell us that they are struggling to understand and can’t quite process all these new changes and situations.

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Key Principles

CounsellingWorx is founded upon these key principles.


The counselling relationship needs to be built on trust. Trust is fundamental from the client and therapist’s perspective. The client needs to feel comfortable in order to be open and honest about their thoughts/situation and the therapist needs to trust that through the client/therapist’s work together, effective long lasting change for the client can be found.

Space Sharing

The counselling room/environment is shared by both the client and the therapist. CounsellingWorx offers the client warmth, empathy, honesty and acceptance, believing that by offering these qualities within the counselling room, the counselling process will begin. We also recognise that sometimes people are more comfortable in their own surroundings so our therapists will come to you in person, over the phone, or via the internet, if this is something that you feel will help you engage in counselling.

Person Centred

CounsellingWorx offers client-centred therapy which means that through the counselling process, the client will learn to trust their own decision making processes, become more open to new experiences and learn strategies which the client can continue to use long after therapy has finished.

How Counselling can help your teenager

CounsellingWorx can offer a safe space, with a qualified BACP therapist, for young people to be able to work through and make sense of their feelings and situations. These sessions will also equip your child with tools and strategies that they will be able to refer back on and use throughout their lifetime.

  • Depression

    Mood disorders often start during the teen years. And if left untreated, depression can last into adulthood. If your teen seems irritable, sad, and withdrawn, it may be beneficial for them to talk to a counsellor.

  • Anxiety Disorders

    While it’s normal for teens to worry sometimes, some teens experience intense anxiety, which may result in your teen withdrawing from their friends and becoming socially isolated. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a useful tool to be able to provide strategies to manage anxiety.

  • Behavioural Difficulties

    Suspensions from school, repeated isolations, and aggressive behaviour may be symptoms of more serious problems. CounsellingWorx therapists could help uncover potential mental health issues, skill deficits, or social problems that may be driving your teen’s behaviour.

  • Stress

    Teenagers can be subjected to many different types of stress, whether it’s exam pressure, peer pressure, social media pressure or family pressures. Stress can have a detrimental effect on your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Counselling can help provide a space for your child to openly discuss and implement ways of managing their stress.

  • School and Social-Related Issues

    School life - the pressure to “fit in”, bullying, social media and peer pressure can all have a dramatic effect on your child’s ability to cope with life. Counselling can help build up emotional resilience and equip your teenager to manage these issues more effectively.

  • Low Self-Esteem

    Adolescents struggling with self-esteem issues can be more prone to developing anxiety or depression. Counselling can help improve self-esteem.

  • Trauma

    When a child experiences a trauma, therapy can increase resilience and reduce the impact the traumatic event has on your child’s life. Early intervention can be the key to helping your child recover from traumatic circumstances.

  • Grief

    The loss of a loved one, or significant individual as a result of relationship breakdown, can be especially difficult during adolescence. It can result in many difficult questions needing to be explored, such as “why am I here, where do people go when they die, who will I talk to now, was it my fault, am I going to die?” These deep questions need to be explored and worked through carefully so as not to cause more stress or harm to a child. Therapy can provide the space and skills to be able to do this.

Counselling - Teenager

“When you know better you do better.”
Maya Angelou

Abby really helped our whole family to understand what the issues were and then helped us to work through them – the impacts have been very real.

I have walked away from previous counsellors and sessions feeling like I was wasting my money, Abby was different, she was calm, relaxed, courteous and non-judgmental. I feel that she understood how I was feeling and I always walked away feeling that our sessions had been productive

I have had the best experience working with CounsellingWorx on my anxiety. They have helped me to grow to be much more confident with dealing with it head on. I have received all the support I needed. 

Abby really helped me to figure out and have an understanding of what I needed out of life, how to live and not just exist

Absolutely incredible support. Explains important concepts and counselling tools in order to ground your counselling, and creates a solid foundation to build upon. Listens carefully and bridges the gaps, and helps you navigate your way through the various conflicts and issues.

The patience and guidance I received changed my life and gave me clarity, when I thought it might be impossible to achieve. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable, which made all the difference for me. Would definitely recommend.  

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