CounsellingWorx recognises that students undertaking a professional counselling qualification may need to complete 30 hours of personal therapy and 100 hours of placement supervision. Having gone through counselling training ourselves, each of our professionals have personal experience of how difficult and challenging a qualification can be and how personal counselling and supervision can impact you as a trainee counsellor. We are able to offer person-centred therapists, who are registered members of the BACP organisation to help support you as you reflect on your own processes and explore anything that may emerge during your training.

Key Principles

CounsellingWorx is founded upon these key principles.


The counselling relationship needs to be built on trust. Trust is fundamental from the client and therapist’s perspective. The client needs to feel comfortable in order to be open and honest about their thoughts/situation and the therapist needs to trust that through the client/therapist’s work together, effective long lasting change for the client can be found.

Space Sharing

The counselling room/environment is shared by both the client and the therapist. CounsellingWorx offers the client warmth, empathy, honesty and acceptance, believing that by offering these qualities within the counselling room, the counselling process will begin. We also recognise that sometimes people are more comfortable in their own surroundings so our therapists will come to you in person, over the phone, or via the internet, if this is something that you feel will help you engage in counselling.

Person Centred

CounsellingWorx offers client-centred therapy which means that through the counselling process, the client will learn to trust their own decision making processes, become more open to new experiences and learn strategies which the client can continue to use long after therapy has finished.

Your personal therapy during training is there to:

Enable growth and self-awareness to take place

Offer you the opportunity to find any blind spots you may have

Offer you the opportunity to explore how your theoretical training relates to/impacts you

Ensure you will be able to stay more present and focused with your clients

Offer you the opportunity to explore any unresolved issues from your past

offer you a supportive space during your course

Ensure you will be able to recognise and separate your own personal issues from those of your clients when they manifest themselves in the therapeutic relationship

Abby really helped our whole family to understand what the issues were and then helped us to work through them – the impacts have been very real.

I have walked away from previous counsellors and sessions feeling like I was wasting my money, Abby was different, she was calm, relaxed, courteous and non-judgmental. I feel that she understood how I was feeling and I always walked away feeling that our sessions had been productive

I feel really lucky to have found a counsellor who listens and understands

Abby really helped me to figure out and have an understanding of what I needed out of life, how to live and not just exist

Absolutely incredible support. Explains important concepts and counselling tools in order to ground your counselling, and creates a solid foundation to build upon. Listens carefully and bridges the gaps, and helps you navigate your way through the various conflicts and issues.





Abby gave me focus and week by week, I gained some focus and structure back in my life

Personal Therapy

£35 /hour

  • If you are enquiring about therapy for student counsellors, please ask about our discount.


£45 /hour

  • Supervision available for 45 minutes, 1 hour and 1.5 hours

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